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Foamy Saison

I recently did the NB Saison extract kit.
OG just slightly low. target was 1.056; actual, corrected for temp 1.054.
Yeast had a 24-hr stir-plate starter, poured straight in. (Wyeast 3742)
FG was high; 1.023 after 1-week primary and 6-weeks secondary in a room that was 65-75F ambient. I would think the yeast should have been happy, it calls for 70-85, I probably should have ramped up a bit even. They’ve been bottled for 3 weeks.

Flavor is right where I like it; lightly, but still noticeably peppery.

The bottles are not gushing when I open them, but the head! The most gentle pour results in a cappuccino froth. The pint glass is flowing over before I get half of the 12 oz bottle in. It’s a very stiff head too. I don’t think the actual beer seems over-carbonated though.

The NB-Saison kit is very paint-by-numbers, there’s not much room to introduce error, but it seems like I managed to anyway.

So, will additional aging help them NOT foam, or just make them more likely to gush or even fail? What caused the FG to be so high? and did it also cause the foaming?

Racking to 2nd too soon can cause a high FG.

I have a few bottles that are ten years old in my fridge. I used Beano, and they gush just as much as ten years ago.

Keep them cold and pour slowly.

1 week is WAY to short of time to be transferring off of this yeast. From the Wyeast web site, it stalls in the mid 30’s. Time and heat help it finish.

Did you check the gravity after the 6 week aging?

Not much you can do about the liveliness when it’s poured into a glass. Have 2 glass on hand to get the bottle emptied with out disturbing the sediment on the bottom.

Thanks guys!

And sorry I wasn’t clear, that 1.023 was after the 6 weeks.

I should have also noted, Wyeast suggest raising the temp into the 90’s. ... .cfm?ID=60

Store the bottles in a closed container. Cardboard case inside a trash bag or plastic tote. You have a good potential for bottle bombs. Drink them young. :wink:

Rather than storing them warm, put them in the fridge. It will help them become further carbonated.

it sounds like it is only slightly overcarbonated for the style.

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