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Help! I’m back to kegging after many years and I’m having foam problems. New fridge, set at 38 degrees. Two full kegs, connected to Perlick faucets with 10’ of 3/16" ID beverage line. Tank set at 13 PSI. Got mostly foam the first couple pints. These were the first couple pints out of this system. Will this calm down after a while, or do I need to make some changes? Relaxing - worrying - having a homebrew…

Maybe / Maybe Not.

Did you purge the keg before tapping ? (could make a difference).

How did you carbonnate? If over carbonnated it is a pain in the ass.

Yes - first pour tends to be foamy some times - could be fine.

13 PSI seem high to me. At that temp I would usually seve at 6-10?

If you keep getting foam you’ll have to spend some time degassing it.

Yeah definitely check to make sure you purged everything. Did you force carb? I agree 13 psi is high to serve but you do have 10 ft lines. I run 5 ft and very rarely have foaming issues.

I did not purge before serving. I did the “set and forget” force carb. Kegs have had 13PSI on them for 3 weeks. My intent was to carb AND serve at the same pressure.

Well, how is it going now? If it is still foamy after another day and a few more pours you are definately overcarbonnated.

Carb and serve at the same preassure is usually what you want. But 13 still seems too high for both. When I carbonnate I usually go higher (up to 16 to speed things along.) Once I get the beer in range of where I want to get it, I will bring it back down to serving preassure and finish the job.

Lots of reference material mentioned in other posts here to get exact numbers for temperature / preassure / carbonnation levels.

Even though there is some exact science to carbonnation, there is also a lot of trial and error, and trouble shooting as well.

Appart from the foam, how is the beer by the way? If the beer itself is somewhat flat then it would point to something else. If the foam is due to overcarbonnated beer it should be pretty easy to tell.


10 psi would be plenty. It will take a few days to settle down now that you over carbed it.

Update: Noticed CO2 was set at 15PSI, not 13. Dropped it down to 12PSI, purged kegs. Everything pouring nicely now. As a bonus, the beer is great too, if I do say so myself…

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