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Foaming problem

I have started having a problem with foam building up in the primary and coming out through the airlock. One is with a standard mead that I have made before with Cuvee yeast and the other is with2 batches of cyser again using the same recipe as in the past with Lavlin D47 yeast. Is this a problem other than the big mess on the top? What can I do to stop it?

Thanks for any advice. revrusty

What temp are you fermenting at?
How much head space do you have in your primary with these batches?

I am using a room that stays about 68 to 70 degrees. These are 5 gallon batches in the standard 7 gallon bucket with lid. Also I have made both of these recipes before in the same place with the same buckets and did not have this problem at all. The only differences I can think of would be the type of wildflower honey and I bought the cider for the cyser from a different orchard. I just measure the energizer and nutrients with a scoop so there could be some slight difference in the amounts of those than in previous batches.

Thanks for any help.

Both strains are low foamers and wouldn’t see why the honey would make that much of a difference. But, if your room is 70F ambient temp, your fermentation temp is a lot higher. I’d bring the temp down.

Honey makes a huge difference in foam. Some, like heather for example, can cause so much foam that you’ll think you have a beer brewing. I’ve reach the point where I try to use a larger than needed fermenter in most cases - I’ll put a 5 gallon batch in a 10 gallon fermenter, and then I don’t have to think twice about it. When I get closer to the capacity of a fermenter, I’ll either use anti-foam drops which work fairly well, or a blow-off tube. But for me, the “bigger fermenter” approach is easier.

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