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Foam :(

I just got back from the LHBS with 6’ of 3/16 dispensing line to replace my 1’ one. I want to be able to dispense at carbinating pressure, in my case 10psi. Its nothing but foam at that pressure. I dropped it down to 1-2psi to dispense real slow and first the foam in the 6’ line comes out, then foam free beer and all is well. When the pour is done air seems to be getting sucked into the dispensing line from somewhere. What do I need to do to dispense at 10psi?

6’ should be fine at 10 psi. Sounds like you need to find the leak in the line.

Wouldn’t a leak manifest itself by squirting beer?

Make sure the center screw in the ball lock is tight also check the clamps to make sure they haven’t cut through the hose that’s why I only use the Oetiker clamps they won’t do that I think NB carries them.

I would think so, but if you have air in the line then that’s the only possibility.

You could have a loose beverage post/bad o-ring under the post, or a crack in the dip tube that’s letting CO2 into the beverage stream. Take off the beverage post and verify you have an o-ring between the flared dip tube neck and the top of the keg, and inspect the dip tube for cracks or holes where it is flared.

This also happens when a keg is overcarbonated or if the lines are warm. Was everything cold and properly carbed when you tested?

Sounds to me like you have CO2 coming out of solution and forming a bubble.

I think my issue is that its over carbonated. I’ll bleed off some CO2 over the next few days.

Yep, the perfect line won’t work well when the beer temp is wrong and/or the beer is over-carbonated. The whole system must be at the proper temp, proper carbonation, and not disturbed immediately before serving, meaning you didn’t just slosh a keg around outside the fridge and expect perfect pours. Once your system is set, it is set-and-forget, but getting there may take some learning :slight_smile:

another thing to consider is looking into your shank the next time you clean as the milling might be off enough to create turbulence…i have one that works well, but definitely has a wonky milling to it.

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