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Foam woes

Got an ipa that lost its head. After second dosing an ipa I can’t get any foam on the beer. It was fine before but now it’s struggling. It’s carbonated but it has so much hop particulate that it’s holding back the bubbles. I cranked it up to 15psi I’ll let you know that happens

Ah, maybe some soap snuck into/onto your DH medium? From your hands? Have a ceramic mug so you can’t see the lack of foam and not bum you out? Sneezles61

Maybe. I send my hop bags through the laundry and the soak them in star San before the dry hop but that’s how I treat all my hop bags. There seems to be an awful lot of hop materials floating around.

Was it heavily dry hopped? Too heavily dry hopped beers can actually be detrimental to positive foam properties. Which, if there’s a lot of DH matter in the beer it could be the problem.

I’ve never exposed mine to anything other than water and star san… Wait a minute… Mine are stainless steel mesh… I do have some mesh bags, but they are very seldom used… Steeping grains… Sneezles61

I’m agreeing with @loopie_beer. I found a solution. Half a glass of the ipa top it off with half glass of Bret ESB. Now I have a Bret ipa. Nice combo.


I like when a solution can be found! Sneezles61

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