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Flying Dog Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout

Just like it sounds. A Stout brewed with oyster shells. Parts of the proceeds go to helping clean up the Chesapeake Bay. Had it on nitro tap at the brewery. Kinda salty.

Gross name for a beer. Can’t imagine trying to drink a beer name of Pearl Necklace. projectile-vomiting

Just watched American Pie last night. Kinda reminds me of Stifler’s “pale ale”.

The most withering look I’ve ever received from another human being was when a waitress misinterpreted me ordering another Flying Dog beer, Doggy Style.

Probably the same look I got when I gave a friend a pack of Horse Piss Beer…he wanted something he never had before so hey why not.

Just moved from Maryland. Having Flying Dog in a lot of places, it was great to hear people have to try to politely order a Raging Bitch.

I thought they were just using the oysters for filtering in Pearl Necklace? I remember that being a decent beer, and certainly not ‘salty’…has been some time since I had it though.

My favorite was Wynkoop in Denver releasing their “Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout” at GABF. For those who don’t know, “Rocky Mountain Oysters” are bull’s balls.

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