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Flow speed

I have three Perlick 425ss faucets and one 4 way manifold and one co2 tank, the only difference is the one perlick in question with a crazy fast flow has a 4 in stainless steel shank instead of a 3 inch ss shank. All three have 5 feet of beverage tubing. Any idea on why this one faucet has the beer flying out of it ? Is it a big deal ? It is closest to the regulator and manfold if anybody need to know that fact. Thanks !!

The 4" shank makes no difference but 5’ of beverage line is not enough resistance. Make sure it is 3/16" ID and make closer to 10’. This should solve your problem. See this video of mine for what a proper pour looks like from a 10’ line.

Well I would love to know why the other two are just fine and are the identical length of 5 feet too. I did come up with one other difference. The one that flows super fast has a smaller ss tailpiece, the other two I had to heat up the line to fit on the fatter ss tailpieces.

I am not sure why one 5ft or two “works”( not fully carbed yet, colder kegs, yadayadayada ) either as I side with Muller here. 5ft of 3/16th’s gave me nothing but trouble. Fast, foamy pours frikin ridiculous stupid pours you would always get one glass of foam and then maybe the next couple were half to a quarter glass of foam if lucky. I have posted around quite a bit about how I found out years ago too, BUT 10ft is the trick… No BS. Yes, usually the boiling water makes 3/16th’s tubing slide on barbs like butter.

Oh BTW I was just kicking myself two days ago for not buying two-three more 425’s I currently have 3 and now have to look at the 525’s Did you just get these somewhere?

I think the smaller tailpiece creates more pressure, thus faster pour and more foam. The smaller “outlet” point, tailpiece, is the point of greatest resistance. The beer is being squeezed / forced through a smaller outlet at too high a pressure.

See finger over a garden hose. :lol:

10 feet works just fine on both my systems. 8)

3/16 all around. Perlicks. 11 psi at 38~40 F.

If you are happy with the other taps, try putting 10’ on just that line and see if it changes the pour.

Good Luck & Enjoy.

I use 11 psi at about 38 too so I will try the 10 feet of 3/16 hose on that line. The fridge may be a bit tight especially with 4 kegs in there but it needs to be done.

Yeah I bought two 425 ss’s in summer and got worried I would not be able to find more so I got another two months later from the same guy Nick at the beertapstore on Ebay. The guy still had them about two weeks ago for $44.95 They kill !!!

Thanks guys/girls !

Good to know P6, I understand the 525/ perl taps and they forward seal just like the 425 but w/o them stem. But I kind of like being able to remove the spout on the 425 too bad they had to discontinue it years ago but from what I understood there was a patent infringement issue on the design. So I’ll look towards your source.

to get by just bleed your keg a little and make sure you pop the faucet open all the way quickly

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