Floor Malted Pilz thoughts

I’m getting ready to pick up a fresh bag of Pilsner malt. I’m looking for impressions of the Weyermann Floor Malted Bohemian Pilsner malt from our sponcer. My standby would be Best Pils malt but the floor malted bo pils sounds interesting.
Has anybody used both enough to give any flavor, aroma, workability comments?
The Best Pils will be cheaper, but the $10-$15 difference for a sack really doesn’t make a huge difference when you look at it from a batch perspective.
Prost… :cheers:

Just bought a sack of it last weekend to give it a go. Interested to hear if others have used it, don’t have a helles planned for another of couple weeks yet. Last batches I used the bohemian pilsner and it turned out great so I figured I’d give the floor malted version a try.

I just purchased a bag too. I have not had the chance to use it. I am going to brew a Czech pils and I hope it has the same character as the Czech malt we were getting from St. Pats in Austin a few years ago. Everyone in South Texas was making great lagers and even some pretty good ales from that malt.

I like Best malz the most, but I have some of the Bohemian fermenting right now and expect good things.