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Floor burner options

I’ve been using an old, cajun cooker for quite some time and I am debating getting a blichmann floor burner, which appears to be more fuel efficient. Anything I should also be considering, or is the type of burner fairly insignificant?

I just purchased the Blichman burner and I’ll say that I’m really happy with it. I’ve always brewed with a small turkey fryer burner. I’ve only brewed one batch with the Blichman, it is much quieter and I reached boiling much quicker. I don’t think you’ll go wrong with it. Only con I see is the price.

My question to you would be, how much propane are you using and is the new burner really going to cut that down?

I got a Blichman for X-mas, and I regret not getting one sooner. The flame I get it so much more robust. I think I use about the same propane, maybe a little more, but I get temperature noticably quicker.

Blichmann. Just bought it about month ago and I regret not purchasing it sooner, gas use is less than my old burner, its quiet, built like a tank, boils are much faster. Worth the investment.

One of the things that I never understood with the cajun cooker was whether or not to run it wide open or slightly open. Looks like the blichman is a good choice.

The Blichmann burner is great IMHO. It quiet, efficient, and leaves my boil kettle without soot. And it’s very well made. I have been thinking about switching it from propane to natural.

Blichmann uses the same burner as the Bayou Classic brand uses on the KAB4, KAB5, and KAB6 burners. Of course the rest of the hardware on the Blichmann is Blichmann quality. They are all powerful and infinitely adjustable. The best I’ve found is the KAB6 as the frame hold kegs and huge pots nicely.

Blichmann is the only way to go…they will last forever. The leg extensions are really nice and makes transferring to the fermentor a breeze.

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