Floating Hops at Bottling Time

In the past, I have dry-hopping using a bag. This past time, I just threw 2 ounces of pellets right in the beer. Getting ready to bottle. When I put the beer in the fridge to cold crash, there was a layer of hop/hop scum on top.

How should I deal with that layer? Should I just rack as normal and as pull the siphon before the layer of hops gets sucked up? Or, should I try to skim the layer before racking?

Thank you for the input.

I started kegging early in so I have limited experience with bottles. However this always resulted in hop floaties in my beer. I had to bend the dip tube to draw beer from higher in the keg once. I would put a mesh bag around your racking cane, the end that goes into the beer. I believe there will be some sort of hop material on the bottom, in suspension as well as on top. The mesh bag might get clogged around the racking cane but that’s what I would try to do. You could skim but I think it is only solving 1/3 of the problem. I use a hop bag all the time now except kettle additions.

I line my bottling bucket with a sanitized paint strainer bag before I rack over. It catches most of the hop particles. Then move your bottling bucket to the spot you’re going to bottle from and let it sit for at least a couple of hours (overnight would be better) to let as much of the remaining detritus to sink to the bottom of the bucket.

Thank you for the suggestions.

Cold crashing should take care of it.