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Floaties, and phenolic stuff

Two comments or questions how ever you would like to view them. I brewed a pale ale, a few months back has been sitting in keg (o2 purged) for a month or so. I put it on tap a few days ago . I decided to try it last night it poured murkey (i used whirlfloc) could be from the yeast sediment on the bottom of the keg. then it had this stuff floating around in it I guess it could of been yeast but I am not sure there was tons of it. gonna look again closer tonight as I had a few before I had that one last night.

any ideas what it could of been. if it is crazy bad again I may post a pic to this thread.

I also brewed a wheat beer basically just wheat a bit of crystal and some 2row, used the bavarian wheat strain from wyeast. ambient temp of fermentation was around 68, It is a big phenolic I think. I have read that true german style hefe’s are normally a bit on the phenolic side so since I used a german strain and a pretty bland grain bill its a good possibility the yeast is the dominiate flavor. Is that the general consensus that most german hefe’s are a bit on the phenolic side?

Yeast will settle in the keg and pour out in the first few pints, or longer if the keg is moved or disturbed. That will make the beer cloudy.

German Weizen yeasts are phenolic. That particular phenolic flavor is usually perceived as a clove-like flavor. If you are tasting a plastic- or bandaid-like flavor, that might be from chlorine/chloramine in your water supply.

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