Flip Top Bottles

I’d like to get some flip top bottles, but what I’m finding have plastic tops with built-on gaskets.

I’m still looking, but figured I’d ask here anyway. Does anyone know where to get them with porcelain tops and replaceable gaskets?


They’re not cheap. Why not go buy some grolsch? Drink the beer and save the bottles. Unless they switched to using plastic as well.

I purchased a 4pk of Grolsch when I started brewing. They look/feel to plastic tops.

I have German beer in the fridge, looks also like plastic. But might be ceramic.

This supplier calls it radioceramic. What ever that is.

http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/22008 ... p_Cap.html

What bottle are you finding that has a non removable gasket?

These apparently don’t have a removable gasket (see reviews), which was one I was considering http://www.amazon.com/CASE-OF-12-Bottle … op+bottles

Dobe- Might be a good option if I drank beer :slight_smile:
Will keep looking…

I have two cases of those bottles. They have replaceable gaskets. I’ve had mine for 6 years (?) and never replaced the gaskets. Only need to replace them when they dry out or crack.

I do see also the review says the bottles don’t have the “graphic” on them and mine have the wheat/hop design. I find it unlikely the gasket is glued on.

Do you have a “good” beer bar in town? Stop in and talk with the bartender/waitstaff. See if they will save some of the swing top bottles for you.

Or check with a recycle shop. They may be able to set some aside for you.

If you had a location in your profile, someone might be able to point you to a local source.

See if any liquor stores are doing tastings of Toad Hollows Risque. Our local saves the bottles for me everytime they do a tasting. Redstone Meadery also packages in nice swing tops.

Ikea sells good quality 1l glass bottles with ceramic flip tops. At least they do around here.

Thanks RBC, I’ll have to check them out!

I have some clay swing top bottles with ceramic tops that I love. I use them sometimes for gifts, and they always seem to come back to me when they’ve been emptied. I guess that’s a hint! Some are wine-bottle size, and smore are shorter–I’m guessing 24 ox and 16 oz, but I really don’t know. They originally came with beer in them–Saint Barnard or Saint Benjamin or something like that, if memory serves. you may be able to track some of them down.