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Flavor & Aroma alpha acid correction?

So I was just weighing out my hops for this weekend’s brew. I did the weight correction for the alpha acid difference in my bittering hops and bagged up the adjusted weight of hops. Then as I was calculating the %AA corrected weight on the 1 minute aroma hops it dawned on me…am I supposed to do that? I always have! However, as I thought about it seems to me since the flavor and aroma hops only add a minimal IBU contribution, it would probably be more correct to use the unadjusted weight of those hops from the recipe, independent of the %AA and the calculated correction. Any thoughts?

I go by weight (for late additions) unless the alpha contribution is substantial.

I also go by weight but I believe looking at the Oil% might be a way to adjust quantity… I just don’t do it.
AA% is not what you want to be looking at.

Thanks for confirming what I was thinking. I don’t know that not adjusting for AA% for flavor and aroma hops is addressed in most brewing literature?

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