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Flat Rate Shipping on Bulk Grain

FYI boys! (and girls) - I entered an order for a 50 lb sack of 2 row from NB just now and got 7.99 flat rate shipping! Wasn’t expecting that little bonus but I’ll happily take it!

Wow, thanks for the heads up! Took advantage of that!

It must have been a glitch because it’s showing $20.99 for me.

Definitely a glitch. $25 in shipping for me.

when I look up bulk grain and choose a grain, before you place in wish list or shopping cart it says there in red letters this item doesn’t qualify for flat rate shipping. I guess you just got lucky. Its nice to catch a break once in awhile.

23.89 for my shipping

Yea I guess Matt and I won the lottery today!

It’s funny because I had an email from another online HBS saying their flat rate shipping special would end soon. Since I’ve been contemplating getting a sack of 2 row I thought I’d see if they’d ship it flat rate. They did not and their shipping seemed higher than what NB had recently quoted me. So I popped over to NB, added the sack to my cart and when I went to select the shipping options there was the flat rate 7.95!

edited to add:

Maybe it was a glitch but I just got an email from NB saying they’re shipping it.

Yeah, I’ve been the beneficiary of that glitch once. It was awesome. The following week I tried again and found that the glitch was fixed.

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