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Flat beers :(

We brewed a Honey Cream Ale recently and after letting it bottle condition for a little over two weeks we’ve discovered that the full cup of priming sugar we added has had no effect. We did use a 1/2 cup of lactose as well and I’m wondering if this gave the beer too much body or if there was some sort of infection or oxidation. It tastes fine, and would be a completely nice light beer if only it were carbonated. Any thoughts?

Here’s the recipe:
1 lb. 12 oz. Vienna
1 lb. 8 oz. Flaked Corn
1 lb. Honey Malt
12 oz. Crystal 15 L
3 lbs. 3 oz. Briess Extra Light DME

1 oz. U.S. Golding (60 min.)
1 oz. Hallertau (15 min.)

American Ale Yeast

1 cup priming sugar w/ 1/2 cup lactose

You don’t mention how long the beer sat in the primary/secondary. Or at when temp the bottles have been stored at.

The lactose should not have an effect.

Bring the bottles to a warmer area and give them a couple more weeks. And put them in some type of storage tubs. The 1c of priming sugar will surely cause some of these bottles to become bombs.

On your next batch, fill one soda bottle with your beer. Squeeze the O2 out and screw the cap on. The bottle will expand as CO2 is produced. Easy way to tell what’s happening.

10 days in the primary
12 days secondary
bottles have been stored @ 62F-70F

1 cup sugar for a 5 gallon batch? :shock: Surprised you don’t have very carbonated beer.

That’s a LITTLE on the cool side for bottle carbing, but after 2 weeks you should have something. Most people add lactose to the boil, but again that shouldn’t have mattered. Did you dissolve the sugar in warm water? Did you (gently) stir the bottle bucket to make sure sugar was evenly distributed?

Probably all you need is a little more time, and more heat (above 70) wouldn’t hurt either.

I’ll try a raised temperature. I boiled the sugars in 24 ounces of water, chilled it, added it to the fermenter and gave it a gentle stir with a sterilized spoon.

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