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Flat beer!

i made the NB double ipa extract kit, following the instructions to a T.

racked into secondary after 2 weeks of vigorous fermentation, then aged for 2 months, and bottled using light DME as a priming sugar.

10 months later and its still flat. any way to salvage this or does it need to be tossed? can i open them all up, boil for 15 for sanitation, and add fresh yeast and sugar, and rebottle? seems like asuch a waste!


First thing to do is to warm the beer up to 75-80F, then turn each bottle over and give it a vigorous swirl to rouse the yeast off the bottom of the bottle. Turn and swirl once or twice a day for a week, then put a bottle in the fridge for 24 hours before sampling. If the carbonation is good, you’re done. If it has not improved or just increased a little, but not enough, continue swirling for another week, then sample another one. If after two weeks you have no carbonation, then you probably need to dose the bottles with fresh yeast and while you’ve got them open you might as well add a small amount of cane sugar at the same time.

I would pour them gently into a keg and force carb. I doubt you will eer get them to carb on their own after all that time.

thanks, i’m going to give the bottle swirling a try to wake those kids up. last time i sampled it seemed flat and sweet, so i’m guessing the yeasties went to bed.

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