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Flat beer help

Hey guys, I have an Old Rasputin clone extract brew that is flat. Here in the recipe,

10 lbs Ultralight Malt Extract
2 lbs Light Dry Extract
Steeping Grain:
Use a grain bag. Add to water immediately. Remove steeping grain at 170F
1 lb Crystal 120L
1 lb Carastan
8 oz Brown Malt
8 oz Chocolate Malt
4 oz Roasted Barley

• Bittering Hops boiled for 60 minutes
• Bittering Hops added for 45 minutes
• Aroma Hops added for 15 minutes

Wort Clarifying Treatment:
Add to the last 5 minutes of the boil (improves beer clarity
Priming Sugar added at Bottling:
4 oz Corn Sugar – Boil with 2 cups of water for 5 minutes

Specific Recipe Information:
Estimated MoreBeer! Ranges
Estimated original gravity (OG): 1.082-87
Estimated SRM: 30
Estimated IBU’s: 68-72
Estimated alcohol ABV %: 8.5
Suggested fermentation temperature: 68

Wort Clarifying Treatment:
Add to the last 5 minutes of the boil (improves beer clarity

Priming Sugar added at Bottling:
Carb drops

Specific Recipe Information:
(1.084 - 1.018) * 131 = 8.6 % ABV (THESE ARE THE NUMBERS I GOT)

3 weeks in primary, 2 weeks in secondary and 2 weeks in the bottle. I was told to put more yeast in the bottle (2 grains each), did that and let it go another week and still nothing. Any suggestions?

Temperature of the bottles?

Mmmn maybe not enough priming suggar

Did you add 4 oz of corn sugar at bottling, Carb drops at bottling, or both? Honestly, I wouldn’t think you’d need to add more bottling yeast after 5 weeks.

Also, am I understanding correctly that you bottled, waited two weeks, then opened the bottles, added yeast, then recapped, and waited 1 week? If so, I would give it more time. Even under the best conditions, my beer is rarely carbed before three or four weeks.

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What yeast. That’s a big beer so it may stress the yeast. For an Imperial Stout for 5 gallons NBs carbonation calculator comes up with about the same amount of priming sugar. I would have gone a little more. Old school thought was 3/4 cup I think that is closer to 1/2. 3/4 cup was a one size fits all though. Today we know more about how many volumes of CO2 are in different styles.

You sure can add some dry yeast but it will be a PIA so first try giving the the bottles a little swirl and getting them somewhere warm, like mid 70’s. Then wait again.

I agree with @hd4mark that might have stressed the yeast depending on amount you pitched and what strain.

How in the world did you single out 2 grains of dried yeast? :unamused:

Other than that it likely needs more time. It’s a hostile environment with that level of alcohol.

He might mean:
2 grains = .13 grams

Sorry for the slow response guys I was out of town. I’ll try to answer all the questions.
The yeast was “Dry English Ale” and I did make a double starter.

I didn’t use priming sugar, I used carb drops. I experimented with adding 1 more drop to one of the bottles but it did nothing.

The bottles have been at room temp, mid to high 70’s.

How did I add 2 grains to each bottle? I opened them back up with tweezers, added 2 grains then re-capped them, and ya it was a pain in the A–.

When I say the beer is flat, it’s totally flat, no “hiss” when you pop the cap, no bubbles at all. It taste ok but too sweet leading me to believe it’s a yeast issue. Any ideas guys?

I would give the beer more time. Carbonation drops do take longer to carbonate than sugar. Wait another week and then gently turn each bottle over to suspend the yeast. Wait four more weeks before testing another bottle. To many attempts at a fix may oxidize the beer.

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OK, I’ll give them some more time and see what happens.

Start another brew or two to help pass the time.

Way ahead of you. just put a milk stout into the secondary with some cocoa nibs.

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Ok guys, it’s been sitting for about 7 weeks now at room temp (mid to high 70’s). I tried one last night and the beer is really good but still totally flat. I would really like to be able to saver this beer. Please help!!!

Could your caps be leaking some how

Ever try Flars idea of putting one sugar cube into a bottle? Ever? Maybe? Give it a whirl? Sneezles61

That’s one Domino Dot for moderate carbonation in a 12 ounce bottle. Do the math to see if this is what you want to do. Works well until the local grocery stops carrying the Dot.

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^^^^ :disappointed: Sneezles61

They were capped and it was suggested I add yeast so I did and re-capped them. I used a different bag of caps the second time so I figured I rule out the caps.

I did add an extra carbdrop to one of the bottles when I opened them to add more yeas and it didn’t do anything.
Could the dots be any different than the drops?

The Dots are pure cane sugar. The cane sugar dissolves much faster than the various carbonation drops.

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