Flaky sediment

Hey all. Wanted to post a question to the community on an Irish Red I have in primary right now. I’m planning on racking tomorrow but noticed this flaky stuff on top of the usual sediment. I’m thinking this is just a product of the types of hops used this time around, which I’ve never used before (fuggle and Mt hood), but don’t really have the experience to feel confident with my assumption. Anyone know exactly what these are?

That looks like hops to me. Did you use whole hops?

We used pellets. I’ll try to find the exact company but it was definitely pellets.

They look big for pellet particles, but that could just be perspective. What size batch is it?
You say you’re racking, is that to secondary or bottling?

I wouldn’t worry about it, they still look like hops to me.

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Looks like hops to me too. I have used pellet hops that have contained larger leaf particles before.

Yes, that remnants of hops. They use a machine to compress them into small pellets and sometimes the cones don’t get totally ripped apart… Sneezles61

Thank you all! Wanted the expert opinion so thank you very much.

@mrv racking to a secondary, it’s been two weeks. I didn’t take an initial reading but I think it’s been enough time. Also glad to be here, learned a ton from the posts here already and figured it was time to join!