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Flaked Rye

Hey Folks, I never made a rye beer yet and thought i’d start with Denny’s Wry Smile. Upon receiving my order i realized i bought flaked rye instead of rye malt. Doh! Can i use the flaked Rye like i would the rye malt? Any pitfalls to worry about? I love rye beers and plan on making many in the future so any tips will be helpfull. Thanks.

No problem. Usually the flaked would be used in an extract recipe and the rye malt would be milled and used by the allgrain brewer. Both are interchangeable. Have fun with your rye brew.

Uh, to use flaked rye in an extract recipe you’d have to mash it with grain so I’m gonna have to take exception to your statement.

You can use the flaked rye but my experience is that flaked rye doesn’t have the same type and amount of flavor as malted rye. It seems to lack some of the spiciness and depth of flavor.

I’ll wait to brew wry smile until i get rye malt, and i’ll find a way to use up the 3 lbs. of flaked. It’s all good, I will find a place for it. Now to place an order…somewhat sober. Cheers.

Whatever you decide on doing you’re in for a treat. This was my first all grain brew and man it was great. I love Rye beers and have been working on a few of my own recipes but nothing has come away like this one.

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