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Flaked Rye

I bought flaked Rye instead of Malted Rye…Any suggestions for how to best use this?

Its fine to use in any recipe that requires rye. Denny Conn indicates that malted rye has more flavor than the flaked rye. But flaked rye probably adds more body building beta-glucan to the wort than malted rye.

Thanks for the response. I’m glad I will be able to make some use of it.

I have been told and noticed that flaked rye will give you that “rye flavor” with less spice notes. I have used it a couple times and have no complaints.

I’ve had sparging problems with flaked rye. I don’t have the same problems with malted rye. I’d suggest rice hulls.

Thanks for the heads up on the rice hulls. That will save time and frustration.

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