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Fizz Drops


Bought these a while ago for conditioning and see that NB no longer sells them. Has anybody used them? How did they work? :cheers:

I just did an ale and used fizz drops for the first time. They are working great. I bottled on Sunday and tried one on Friday(couldn’t wait) and the fizz was just fine in less than a week. I got them from NB last month, 8 oz. for $3.49.

I have a different brand but they look the same. I keg, but I do bottle a six pack or more each brew and have tried the drops. I feel one drop in 12 oz is too much. 1 in a 22 is just right.
I tried cutting in half for this last batch but I have not sampled any of those bottles yet.

I have never bought these individually, but NB includes them with all of their 1 gallon kits, which I’ve brewed a handful of. So far, they’ve worked great for me. I usually have good carbonation after a week and haven’t had any totally overcarbed beers (no bottle bombs), although every once in awhile I get a bottle that’s a little fizzier than I’d prefer. For just bottling six beers they’re great. For a full 5 gallon batch, I’ll stick to priming sugar.

I’m not a fan of these at all…Far too uniform, particularly when you want to dial-in carbonation level to a specific beer style (ie a premium bitter is going to have a different carb level than a saison). Proper carbonation is such a huge component of a good tasting beer, and its tough to get right this way. I may be a bit too particular (I’m generally suspicious of growler fills, since the carb is rarely right), but if I’m going to blow the calories and liver/brain cells, I want it to be worth it.

Corn sugar, a scale, and a calculator, like the one on our sponsors site. Cheaper and more control for the brewer.

Thank you all! I did find them and am trying for the first time today

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