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Fizz drops

Does anyone know what kind of sugar is in the NB Fizz drops? They just say “pure sugar”. Also, what works best for a general purpose priming sugar that is not corn based? Thanks.

Yep, I’ve searched and can’t find what is the sugar base of ’ Fizzdrops’.
For your ‘other sugar’ Q, you can use almost anything that is fermentable. Most common is regular table sugar. On the NB website, If you click on the ‘Learn’ link, then the ’ Resources’ you can find a ’ Priming Sugar’ calculator. They list alot of different options. Pretty easy to use as well.

I highly recommend ordinary table sugar. Its cheap, universally available, and works as good as anything else. The amount of sugar you use to carb is too insignificant to make a real flavor difference, no matter what type of sugar you use.

Thanks for the advice. I might have to get creative in the future, but I’ll see how table sugar works.

I did a little experiment using dextrose in about 4 bottles. Great carbonation and beautiful head. Opened a bottle with fizz drops and no head some carbonation. I don’t think I’m going to sacrifice the convenience over a proven way. No more fizz drops for me!

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