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First use Hopshot

I bittered an IPA/DIPA (OG 1.068) with combo of 1 full hopshot syringe and 1 oz CTZ. That, plus the 15 min addition calculated to 104 IBU.

Have to say, as the wort went into fermentor, did not have much bitterness. At all. Has me a bit concerned that the hopshot may not have added as much bitterness as I was hoping.

It’s early, obviously, as it is just getting the ferment underway. And there is always a bump in perceived bitterness with dry hop and carbonation.

But I am curious if this matches other’s experiences. I’ve got 3 more of the hopshots in the fridge… Maybe next time I need to overshoot on the calc IBU and use 2 shots plus the CTZ.

I’ve used these in multiple IIPAs with the only other hops being flameout and whirlpool and I’ve really enjoyed the bitterness it imparts. Some people love a really pithy astringent bitterness though, which I don’t dig. IME these provide a strong, lingering, but not mouth-puckering bitterness. Keep in mind carbonation will enhance the perception of dryness/crispness as well.

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