First timers and our top blew off


We are brewing for our first time and started with the Caribou Slobber last night. We were using the airlock and a plastic 5 gallon carboy- the top blew off this morning. My brewing partner cleaned up the mess and placed it back on but didn’t refill the airlock. It is dirty and had a minimal amount of sanitized water in it this afternoon with quite a bit of fermentation activity still occurring.

So… what do we do now? I read something on here about using a blow off hose. My main concern is what ramifications are there for a blown off top and where do we go from here. I added new sanitized water to the airlock but it is not cleaned out. How do we attach a blow off tube?

Please help.

Also, I reviewed the process and am pretty sure we followed the instructions accurately, seems like we had a pretty aggressive/active fermentation right off the bat (less than 24 hours) any idea what caused this?

Thank you!

(see picture… it’s a pretty foamy situation)

Hope you sanitized the airlock, stopper and top of the carboy before you set it back up again. Need a little more info about your process. Air temperature, yeast and amount pitched. More experienced brewers will be sure to help you out. Good luck!

you need a 6 or 6.5 gal fermenter…

The 1" tube in the above link may not fit the 5g carboy.

You are past the time where a blow off tube is needed. After you bottle the beer, take the rubber stopper to the hardware store and see if you can find some pieces to work.

Here is a thread from 2006 that should help.


You could also get a piece of 3/8" copper tubing to go where the air lock is. Attach some plastic hose to it and into a jug of water.

Contributing factors to the blow off are an overfilled fermenter and warm temps. Try to keep the ambient temp in the low 60’s. Fermentation generates 5-10* of heat.

A 6 gallon carboy is better for 5 gallon batches. Or a 7 gallon pail.

Your beer should be fine. Let it sit for 3 weeks. Check the gravity a couple of days and then bottle.

No… I believe he just put it back on.

We are in the process of sanitizing another airlock thing and also a blow off tube. Is it ruined? When you say sanitize the top of the carboy, do you mean the inside?

We live in Pasadena and the set-up is in our kitchen. Air temperature is around 70, at night it goes well below that. today was warm so it is possible the kitchen was in the mid-upper 70’s. The entire yeast packet was added (dry yeast) that came with the Caribou Slobber kit.

Your beer will be fine from this experience.

Just clean the exterior of the carboy. Keep the insects away.

Some FermCap-S also helps keep the krausen down in the fermenter. It also keeps the hot break down in the boil kettle.

See my signature line for some ways to keep the temps down.

If I have problems with blow off tubes, airlocks etc, I soak a paper towel or small clean cloth in star san for a few minutes then wipe outside the carboy opening rim and just where the stopper fits into the top. Always re-sanitize what you are going to place in the top of the carboy.