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First Timer - Which bottles

I have started my first batch and all is going well. My plan is to now add sugars and bottle for sparking cider. Should I put in regular bottles and cap or can I use Ez-cap bottles. Should I pasteurize after it reaches the desired carbonation? Will this effect flavor?

Thanks for your help

EZ cap bottles are great if you have them. Easy to bottle in. Not sure about the pasteurization. Not sure why you would do that.

Any bottle that seals well and can hold the pressure will work. EZ caps, beer bottle or champagne bottles are all great. Make sure all the fermentation is complete before weighing out the sugar for conditioning, otherwise they could overcarbonate and cause you problems. Pasteurization will likely change the flavor, which may or may not be a concern for you. But there isn’t any need to pasteurize cider; it will hold up great for at least a couple of years in the bottles without doing anything special.

Thanks for the input.

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