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First timer, question about boiling

Hey everyone,
I had my first brew today, I had gotten a Hop Monster IPA kit from our local home brew store. I followed the instructions exactly but in the end, I’m really worried something went wrong. The instructions were to use 1.5 gallons of water, I soaked my grains, added the malt (two containers of liquid malt, 1 dry). I was then to boil my first sack of hops for 60 minutes, the second two bags of hops for 10 minutes, and then the final two bags for 10 minutes. In the end, my wart was like syrup, it was really thick and looked like a carmel-ish, motor oil. After cool, I was to pour into the fermenter (plastic bucket not carboy) and then top off with water, etc. Has anyone brewing a hoppy IPA ever had this happen? Is this how a hooped up IPA wart normally looks? A friend of mine who also brews said it was possible but that he never brewed an IPA before, but with all the hops, he wasn’t surprised. Is this batch going to totally fail?

You’re fine. In the future if you can boil 2.5 gallons or more (after steeping any specialty grains) you’ll do better. Hop utilization will suffer with lower boil volume. Sanitation is the big thing. Congrats on your first brew, don’t sweat it :cheers:

I’d guess that its’ totally normal, given the minimal volume of water you had used. You certainly could have used quite a bit more. In the future, if you want to avoid that kind of appearance, try boiling with 3 gallons of water for the same amount of ingredients. All things considered, you’ll likely end up with a better beer, too.

Keep the fermentation cool–68 degrees–and pat yourself on the back in a few weeks with your first beer. Congrats.

I want to utmostly assure your wort will be beer after fermentation, you will not get the most out of the hops with your thick boil but hang on if you used enough yeast you will make a better beer than you can buy. If you can’t do a full boil you will limit you hop utilization, but don’t worry you will get plenty of the hop goodness in your beer.

Congrats, your friends will love you for your beer.

You made beer, brother. The beer world just rejoiced.

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