First my beer ruined?

I brewed a batch of the nb irish red on friday night…pitched the yeast at about 74 degrees…and put it away in my closet. Saturday morning the air lock was bubbling and everything was going fine. Today , sunday about mid day i take a look and the krausen has gone away and the bubbling pretty much ceased. The room is not too cold as its fermenting at about 76 degrees…which is probably way too hot. is this beer completely ruined. ive read about bad tastes from warm fermenting…but i really dont want to waste it!

Only time will tell.

When you say 76*, is that the room temp or the temp of the thermometer on the side of the pail/carboy? If room temp, the beer was closer to 80*. Way to warm.

Let it sit for 3 weeks. Then bottle. Don’t trust the taste of the uncarbonated beer. Once carbonated it may be a very drinkable beer.

See my signature line for way to control the fermentation temps.

Yeah it’s too warm, yeah your beer won’t be quite as good as if it was fermented in upper 60s, but otherwise it’s OK. You’ll end up with a beer that’s probably better than whatever they sell at your local grocery anyway. It’s all good, man :slight_smile:

sorry i guess i should make it a little more clear…when i say 76 degrees i mean thats what the temp on the carboy is…

as long is its not ruined and might just taste a little different i wont worry…plenty of chances to learn! thanks for the replies guys i appreciate it!

I see no problem at all. Fermenting a ale at 76F could be perfect depending on what you prefer. The yeast will give more taste then if it was fermented at 70F, but that could be a good thing.

Not ruined. My guess is the beer will have flaws that will be evident to you but will not be evident to a novice beer drinker.

Which yeast did you use? Some are more forgiving of higher temperatures than others.

Congrats on your first batch!

If the beer is ruined it isn’t from those fermentation temps. You’re probably still within the target range for the yeast, if at the higher end of the scale. I’m in the same boat as my basement has been in the low 70’s (ambient temp) and so the beer gets up into the mid 70’s when it is really rolling. Not ideal, but still makes an awesome brew.

You can always re-brew in the winter and compare the two batches!

Im very curious to find out how this turned out as I am going through the exact samething right now. Stored in a closet at 76 for 3 days and now sitting in my garage. DId it come out good?