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First timer here

Hey everybody. I’m going to brew my first batch this weekend and have a question. Have any of y’all used growlers with twist off caps when bottling? I have 4 empty ones and thought about using those along with the 22oz bottles.

I wouldn’t recommend it. They are not built to withstand the pressure that occurs when carbonating, which exceeds that of filling it with carbonated beer out of a keg. They could very easily explode.

With that said, I know some people have done it successfully. I would never risk it.

I’ve done it once or twice and wouldn’t recommend it. Once you open the growler, your best option is to just pour the whole thing into a pitcher. Otherwise you’ll stir up all the yeast sediment with each pour from the growler.

If you really want to package your beer in that quantity, use some plastic 2L bottles. To avoid soda odors, you’re probably best off buying club soda or something. And as long as you’re buying club soda, pick up some mint leaves, limes, and rum. Then you have an excuse to drink a crapload of mojitos!


I have also heard of people struggling to get the lid to seal so therefore there is no carbonation. I wouldn’t risk it and would go with the 2L bottles.

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