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First time yeast starter with swig of sunbean

I’m about ready to brew my recently purchased swig of sunbeams kit.

I did get it with the fast pitch liquid wort and about to get ready
making my first yeast starter.

I have all the equipment (besides the agitator plate was planning on
stirring manually every few hours) to get started however I’m
concerned about the amount of yeast starter needed. I understand the
OG of the swig of sunbean is around 1.074 and plan on measuring before
pitching however I’d like to make sure that I have enough starter on
the day of brewing.

Checking some online calc it appears that I may need as much as 3.75L
of yeast starter at this OG. The instructions provided with the kit
don’t really go over the yeast starter process so I’ve been trying to
read up as much as I could however figured that I would check with you
guys first. Based on the 4x 16 fl oz cans of fast pitch I received
(and additional water to be added) I would be right on target with the
3.75L needed.

Also fermentation times seem vary quite a bit. I was planning on doing
the starter tomorrow then brew on Sunday (give the starter around 24h
to ferment… with little agitation). \

Bottom line is that I’m looking for a little guidance on getting a
successful first batch with yeast starter and how to figure out the right amount to pitch.

Which yeast did you pick? Also you can just gently swirl whatever container you are making the starter in instead of stirring. Less chance to introduce anything bad.

For a 1.07x I would go with a single can of Fast Pitch not diluted depending on the yeast and aerate the wort well.

Safale us05. Have 2 11.5g packs.
4 cans of fast pitch but based on the bottles/site it says 1 can + 1 can water which comes to around 1l per 1l wort.

Planning a 5gal batch.

Oh and ya … I have a 1000ml flask I was going to us just worried it’s too small

I don’t recall where but ive seem guidance that no starter is necessary with dry yeast and actually can be detrimental. .Some folks rehydrate it though. Boil a cup or so of your brew water, chill it and rehydrate - or not. If I were pitching two packs I think I’d likely just toss it in dry. It should be plenty. That’s just my MO though. Happy Brewing!

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Dry yeast is prepared with nutrients. Creating a starter depletes these nutrients. In addition, the amount of money you’ll have wrapped up in starter ingredients you could buy an extra package of dry yeast and get more pitching “power.”


With dry yeast i would not make a starter. Just hydrate the dry yeast. And pitch the slurry. You can use. Brewers friend. To find out how much yeast cells you do need. It would keep your fast pitch. For liqued yeast. I got as well a 1000 ml flask. For a brew day. I use 200 to 250 gram dme. 700 ml. Water. And one vial yeast. Shake. Or use my stir plate. About 32 hours. Than cold crash. And start new starter if i do a high grav. Beer. But last few beers. I make a fresh starter. And do use my washed yeast as well

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Just ran a 1.075 on Mr. Malty and it indicates your 2 packs are plenty to handle the job. :sunglasses:


Another thing is liquid yeast needs to be built up because of lack of enough cells and viability because of age. Dry you have plenty and no viability problem

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