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First Time Swamp Cooler User

And I bang it up ! So I brew my Innkeeper and pitch Yorkshire liquid at 11am yesterday throw the pail in a keg type holder/trash can with a lot of water and two 2L soda containers of ice and an ice pack and forget about it. I go down last night about 11pm to check on it lift it out so I can see the stick on fermometer strip at bottom and it is at 55 ! I see that this yeast temp range is 64-72 so I take it out of cooler until this morning and as i go to work it is at 66 so throw it in the cold water with one 20 oz bottle of ice. It is now still at 66 but should get warmer here the next few days and have no idea how much ice s/b in the small thrash can/swamp cooler. It is bubbling away fairly slow now. Any ideas on how I should move forward with this batch and if most of yeast is dormant now or any other advice ?

They will get active as they warm up. Let it ride as is.

Do you have some other thermometer that you can put in the water to check the temp? if you have a big box store near by a floating aquarium thermometer or a BBQ/turkey fryer thermometer will work.

Easier than lifting the carboy/pail.

Try using 16 oz water bottles. They make it a little easier to dial in the right temp. Put a wet towel or shirt over the top of the bucket or carboy. This works great when the weather is ideal but it can be a pain in the ass if you get a cold or hot spell.
I’ve got a Wheat going right now and its been a pain to keep the temp right.
Looking for a fridge or to build a fermentation cabinet.


I get a more consistant and stable temps without the water bath but with a cooler rather than pail or bucket. I use our spare picnic cooler, place the carboy in it, and then add the ice jugs. Because the cooler is insulated, the carboy is surrounded by cold air and the ice jugs seem to last twice as long in the cooler than when using a plastic pail/bucket/bin.


I use one of these. It is very controllable. I have been able to basically dial into the temp I want. As the fermentation backs off I just raise the thermostat setting a bit. At some point the temps is easier to keep with only one ice jug as activity drops off. I mean it really works and man was it cheap. ... &Itemid=82

It is call the “Son of Fermentation Chiller”

cost was about 36.00 for the 2 " pink foam board and maybe 10 -15 dollars in liquid nails. I had a muffin fan laying around and found a cheapo thermostat for I think it wa 8.00. The plans call for a weep hole with a drip tub bbut I have found that a dish towel in the botom of the ice chamber mops up the condensation and only needs to be changed every 3-4 days. I use two 2 L coke bottles frozen (I have four but 2 are in the chamber at any time while 2 are i the freezer). During the Very active stage of fermentation I change the bottles one in themorning and once at night. Once it slowes down once a day does just fine.

The only real trick to keep in ming is that if you want to go to larger temps (I figured I would build another one for that later and did not worry about this) you either have to mount a cheapo mercury thermo tilted so it will go to a low enough temp, or you have to go a veru basic (as little programing crap as possible) digtal one that will go low enough.

Did I mention that this thing works very well? This thing is reputed to be capable of producing a 30 degree drop and if you use frozen gallon milk jugs (4 at atime) you can do that with changes at enen less longer than evenr 24 hours.

I have run 5 batched through mine now and it has made blow offs a thing of the past (althpough I have come close. I used to have a real problem with both temp control and thus had huge blowoffs.


OH there is no doubt I am doing the ferm chamber and soon ! Thx for your replies, today room temp and with water and 2 20 oz frozen water bottles kept temp on pail at 64 even which is the low range for this yeast but it is still bubbling away.

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