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First time solo. Pasteurizing vs. tablets?

So this will be my third time making cider, but first time solo. First time was with an experience homebrewer, but he moved away. Second time was with a novice and he ruined it, so I’m going to do it myself this time.

Doing 10 gallons, pressed by myself on a press built by my step-grandfather:

Anyhow, juice was pressed a couple of weeks ago and frozen. I see on this forum many people use the campden tablets, whereas I have always pasteurized (not boiled) the juice before. I’m wondering what the pros and cons are between the two methods?

Also just wondering any other advice you’d give a novice. I’ll be doing 10 gallons in two different glass carboys. I’m thinking about doing some uncarbonated and some carbonated when all is said and done. Also planning on bottling in old Martinelli’s bottles rather than beer bottles (did this with a couple of bottles last year and it worked great).

Also has anyone ever done a non-alcoholic sparkling before?

With Campden tablets I crush them (5 for 5 gallons) - dissolved in water and mix into the carboy… Easy - wait 24 hours & pitch the yeast…

Pasturizing seems like more work - heating up at a temp over my burner using propane for how long? Then transferring back into carboy - wait for it to cool - then pitch yeast…

However - after bottling I did “pasturize” doing the dishwasher trick of running a cycle on high heat with half a batch… I refridgerated the other half - I’ll compare in a month.

I’m interested to see how the dishwasher trick works for you, since one month will be about the time I’ll be bottling likely.

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