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First Time Panic

I’m sure this been asked before. I am a first time brewer. I am currently fermenting Dead Ringer IPA and 4 days in the fermenter’s bubbler has stopped bubbling. A couple of forums I read-said to wait the two weeks anyway. Is that what I should do? I looked so see how much foam was left on the top and it doesn’t look like there is alot. What should I do?

Oh yeah more information. The space that it is fermenting stays at about 62-68 degrees.

Relax. Don’t Worry. Have a Home Brew.

It’s fine. Bubbling in the airlock is not an indicator of fermentation. The yeast are still working and will for the next 10-14 days. Leave it for 2 weeks, 3 is even better if you can wait that long.

I appreciate that assurance and yes I will have a cold one, wait the three weeks and have some back up store bought brews while I wait. Thanks. Feeling relieved. I was enjoying the visual of the bubbling so much I thought that that was the main indication.

Everything is OK FINE…I had the same worry,s with my first brew,s…Tank :cheers:

You’re fine…the yeast will continue to work, actually cleaning up some of the less desirable flavors from fermentation. Good advice to leave it for 2-3 weeks, bottle, leave for 2-3 weeks, put them in the fridge for a couple days (2-5) to force the CO2 into the beer. THEN…Relax with a great homebrew. This is by far the hardest thing to do…wait for all that delectable goodness, but it’s worth the wait.

A day late is almost always better than a day early when it comes to homebrewing.

Welcome to the hobby. This forum is very useful and friendly.


It sounds like you did it right and will have an awesome beer in about a month.I’ve found that the only thing that makes the waiting easier is planning and then starting another brew session. Not only does it make the waiting easier you get a pipeline going so you’ll always have home brew to drink. Trust me once your spoiled on your home brew it’s even harder to wait. So forget about the one you just made and start planning more.

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