First time Kegging

Ok so I just kegged my first two beers. I worked out the pressure and lines so that Im not getting excessive foam and what not. However, both beers are pretty cloudy. Is it normal to secondary before kegging to help clear? Just cold crash longer? Or just drink the first couple glasses with some yeasties? That last option doesnt bother me much.

I never secondary and my beer usaully clears in about a week or so. I do use Whirlfloc and I do crash cool. Just drink it.

On your next batch, if you have the room to cold crash, just chill it down (in the fermentation vessel) to 34 degrees or so, add some prepared gelatin (google it, its very simple and cheap), then rack to your keg in a couple of days. Works like a charm for me as I do like clear beer.

I pour off the first 1/2 glass or so of the first few pours. They’re sometimes very heavy with yeast. I don’t like peeing from my butt. But yeah, like GoldenChild said, it will clear up in the keg after a week or two.

I gave this a try on a recent batch, and it worked nicely: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=114453#p1002066

Very little sediment in the first pour. Med-low flocculant yeast (Wyeast 1056). I used Biofine Clear as my fining agent.

But I also bought a plate filter with a gift certificate recently, so I may just use that going forward. Have not had a chance to use it yet.

Haha, does anyone?