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First time Kegging No co-2

hey guys Thursday night I kegged my first 5gal batch all connections were tight all looked good I then set regulator to 30 psi. inside 40 deg fridge all day fri looked good, then Sat morn I checked and regulator read 0 I checked all connections and also no gas inside keg any thoughts.

A leak? You might have an empty tank at this point, although setting it to 30psi should have sealed the keg. You can see if there is still CO2 in the tank by either weighing it and subtracting the tear weight (printed on the cylinder), or open the valve for a brief second with nothing hooked onto the tank. If gas comes out, it’s not empty.

Other than that, be sure your tubes aren’t blocked and such. And that you put the CO2 on the input side of the keg.

is there a gauge to put along with ur regulator to tell how much CO2 is in the bottle when u buy it could they have short changed me on the CO2?

A gauge won’t help you much to determine how much in is there. As mentioned, there should be a tare weight stamped on the bottle. This will be indicated as “TW” “T0” or something similar followed by a number. place your tank on a scale, without a regulator attached and subtract the tare weight to determine how much CO2 is in the bottle.

If you have a two gauge regulator, there will be a high pressure and low pressure gauge. The high pressure is the pressure of the tank, and the low pressure is the pressure exiting the regulator. This isn’t really a good way to determine how much CO2 is left as CO2 turns to liquid under high pressure. Pressure will be about the same until you are almost out of CO2.

Hey thanks for the input guys. After a call to my LHBS I think we solved the problem. I gotta go back to when I purchased the Keg and Regulator I opened the box when I got home and found no Picnic tap inside which they gave me one. when he asked about all the connections and washers, they didn’t give me the small white cup washer for the gas line, I never knew that I needed it so we figured someone at the store Cannobolized the box so This Morning I holding steady At 30 PSI. I always said Murphy’s Law usually applies to me THANKS again.

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