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First Time Dad

I just found out last week that I’m having a baby boy in mid-July. He’s our first and I couldn’t be more excited! Seriously, I drank in excess to celebrate.

What better way to commemorate the birth of my son with a fresh batch. I was hoping to get some ideas for what to brew. Has anyone else done this?

The one idea I had was to a “blue” berry wheat. You know - blue for boy. I’d appreciate any feedback/ideas/recipes.


How about a barley wine? You can cellar it and then use it to celibrate his 21st birthday with him.


My wife is 12 weeks pregnant with our second. Upon telling a friend, who knows I brew, he said, “you should brew some champagne!”

I find that to be a very intriguing idea…likewise, rebuiltcellar’s above.

Or, maybe I’ll just make my first big beer and let it age until the baby arrives.

You just found out and he’s due in July? How’s that?

Well anyway, congrats! My wife just gave birth to our first (boy!!!) 5 weeks ago. I brewed a barley wine (Nikko’s Wobbly Wine, because his name is Nicholas and I call him Nikko and he’s quite wobbly… like he’s drunk all the time… hilarious) anyway… my plan is to age it till his first birthday and have a bottle every year on or about on his birthday. Hopefully sharing one or two with him on his 21st.

Again, congrats. Get some sleep now!!!

My wife and I use an alternative aging system where we compare his motor skills to varying degrees of drunkenness. It’s inversely proportional to annual age. At ~2 years old, he’s down to about 6 beers drunk from maybe 20+ as a newborn :wink: .

Congrats to you, too, dobe!

Not sure I’d brew a fruit beer to commemorate the lad. Not that theres anything wrong with that.


Someone had to say it, right?

Why brew just one? Stock up!

My oldest turned 21 this past Dec and I got to share my first home brew with him. That was great!

My advice is to brew a light session or lawnmower beer, 'cause you will definitely need the awake time! :shock:

congrats!!! my wife is expecting our first in mid august… i am going to make a milk stout “baby brew”. seems appropriate.

Congrats Micakoll and all the other new dads! :cheers:

My youngest turns 21 this year. I plan to brew a special batch for the occasion. Definitely a big beer is in order for this one!

I have my 2nd on the way. Both girls (1st one is 2). I plan on brewing something I can cellar for 21 years during my 2 weeks of new addition leave. I think I’ll split the batch into 2 and age them differently(sour vs bourbon or something). Name them after each one and save a few bottles for a long time. Not sure what is the best category for that long. I guess it doesn’t really matter since it’s more a novelty than anything.

I brewed a honey weise for when my daughter was born. I think a coffee stout would be a good idea. Maybe call it “up all night coffee stout”…


Congrats!!! Currently have a two-week-old boy myself (along with an almost 3-y-old girl). On Monday, mom and daughter went to get manicures while the boys brewed beer together … as luck has it, he started screaming to be fed just as i was headed into my mashout … managed baby and bottle in one hand, and stirrer and thermometer in the other … kinda delayed my sparge but i’ll live;) Anyways, kids are awesome - enjoy!

This sounds like all of my brewdays. I often brew when I am home watching my two young girls (1 & 2 years old). It requires some serious multi tasking. Were due again in a few weeks with my first boy. I dont know if i will be able to brew with a newborn, a one year old, and a two year old though.

To the op I would ask the woman who is carrying the baby what she would want to drink once she is able. i almost always have a fresh batch of something my wife wants ready to go once my she can have a beer again. This time i brewed ten gallons of waldo lake amber she likes that beer a lot and its a great spring beer to have around.

Thanks to everyone who posted - a lot of great ideas. I definitely like the milk stout and the “up all night” coffee ideas. I’m gathering quickly that I’ll be incredibly tired.

Touche on the blueberry idea. However, I also agree that my wife should have input on the beer being made - it’ll be her first drink in months, she should enjoy it right? Plus she’s doing all the hard work. That’s sort of why I was leaning toward a fruit beer - she loves them.

anything will work, I brewed what wife wanted at the time of my first.


I remember when my son was born. Best thing in life. Now that he’s 7 I have the ability to have time to myself. But I also remember how I was sooooo not in charge if my schedule when he was a newborn.

I would say brew as many different batches as you can, after he’s born, you might not have as much time as you would like to brew.


My wife is 12 weeks pregnant with our second. Upon telling a friend, who knows I brew, he said, “you should brew some champagne!”

I find that to be a very intriguing idea…likewise, rebuiltcellar’s above.

Or, maybe I’ll just make my first big beer and let it age until the baby arrives.[/quote]
If you make the champagne now, it will be ready in time for the birth of your 3rd (or 4th if you age it like the classic Champagne houses). I make sparkling wines regularly; 15 months from start to drinkable at the absolute minimum.

Best idea is DEFINATELY to brew what your wife wants. After a pregnancy, she deserves to get her way. For both our 2nd and 3rd, I had a cream stout ready. One of my wife’s favorites, AND she read somewhare that it is good for lactating women. Or maybe she just REALLY likes cream stouts :slight_smile:


Always keep mama happy. First rule of brewing, and marriage. My wife loves a blueberry wheat or strawberry wheat. I still remember the birth of my first kid, she’s 30 now. Second girl is 16. Picked up two step kids, one’s a lad and he reminds me of my own youth. Wow how time flies. Take some pics but don’t watch the whole thing through a viewfinder, thats my advice.

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