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First Time Cider

I am going this evening to get 3-5 gallons of fresh pressed apple juice. Does anyone out there have a fool proof first timers recipe? I have a kegging system and all the necessary brewing equipment but just dont know what I need to buy order in terms of yeast, acid controllers, etc.

Any help is appreciated as I dont want the fresh juice to spoil before I get a chance to make this! A step by step recipe would be great including boil times, yeast type, etc…

Thanks Everyone!

Don’t cook it or boil it at all. Heat will destroy aromatics.

All you need to buy is Campden tablets (a.k.a., sulfite or K-meta) and the yeast of your choice. Crush and add one Campden tablet per gallon, let it sit for 24 hours, then pitch in your yeast. Nothing else! It’s truly that simple!!! The Campden kills or inhibits the growth of wild yeast and bacteria, but only temporarily. After 24 hours, it is reduced to the point that you can safely add your own yeast.

I’ve never used dry ale yeast before but I’m about to try it with my own cider today, as many homebrewers say that it works the best. They say Nottingham, S-04, US-05, and Coopers are all good yeasts for cider. In the past I’ve used Cote de Blancs dry wine yeast, and that makes an excellent cider as well. I also tried Champagne yeast but that makes for a bone-dry cider that must be backsweetened at the end or else it’s like a very dry wine. You can rehydrate the yeast first, but it’s not a requirement. I don’t rehydrate. Just sprinkle it on top. Always works fine for me.

It’s going to be wonderful, no matter what yeast you use. Enjoy!!

Thanks for your suggestions. Dosnt really get much easier than that!

dmtaylo2 - thanks so much for the hard cider info that you’ve posted on this Forum!

I am going to the orchard on Sat - picking up some freshly crushed apple juice - 5 gallons - adding one crushed campden tablet per gallon - waiting 24 hours - mixing/blending - and then I will be pitching two tubes of WhiteLabs WLP775 English Cider Yeast…

Success to all!


You getting your juice from Minnetonka Orchards? If so, I’m heading there later today to get 5 gallons of fresh pressed juice too. Pretty great orchard they have out there!

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