First time brewer

I bought the deluxe kit with the big mouth bubblers. I got the brown ale. The brewing process went pretty well. On second day there was a thick foam on top indicating fermentation, on day three this was gone and only a small/thin coating of foam. Should I just leave it? is this normal?
My only issue was that all the video’s and instructions were for the liquid yeast and the kit came with the dry yeast, I followed the instructions on back of yeast pack and yeast looked like it should.

I have included pics of after day 1 and after day 2


100% normal. Usually quick fermentation is caused by not keeping temps down. The yeast goes into overdrive and consumes the sugars quicker. Research temp control and swamp coolers to help.

Oh and just leave it. The yeast will continue to work removing by products of their party well after active fermentation is completed.

Thanks for your response.

Time in the primary fermentor will result in a better beer. Take your first SG reading on day 10 to 14 from the start of active fermentation. Take another SG reading 3 to 5 days later to see if FG has been reached. There is no need to rush bottling even if FG is indicated by your hydrometer readings.