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First time brewer

I am brewing my first beer (American Wheat) as well as posting something here for the first time so my apologies if this question should be posted somewhere else. The question I have is about first stage fermentation. The instructions say two weeks before bottling. Would it ruin the beer if I let it ferment about 4 weeks?

No 4 weeks would be fine.

No, you will not “ruin” your beer.

Wheat beer yeasts generally do not flocculate as well as other yeasts. They will remain suspended in the beer, doing their work and therefore a two week fermentation is recommended.

Extending the fermentation period would simply cause additional conditioning where the yeast continue to clean up after themselves. Be sure to keep the beer at fermentation temperature, but do not cold crash.

Surprised they recommend US-05 for that beer instead of a dry wheat beer yeast (it appears the liquid wheat beer yeasts are out of stock).

Thank you both, I really appreciate it.

In general, taking longer with fermentation and conditioning before bottling will improve your beer. About 3-4 weeks in the primary fermenter is ideal.

If the American Wheat kit you used is a N.B. kit the 05 yeast works nice with their kit. That kits is one of my go to kits, and I always use 05 yeast with that kit. In fact I’m brewing that kit as soon as it quits raining here in Southern Illinois.

I’m making another come back with my brewing. I haven’t brewed in almost a year. I have hit the 5 yr.mark since I had surgery and ended chemo for lung cancer and I was given a clean bill of health. I have got 5 beers lined up and ready to brew as soon as I get some help with the weather.

Good Luck & Cheers

Jazzman welcome back! Glad you’re healthy! Brew on brotha! :cheers: slainte!

I almost never do a 2nd ferm, just leave it in the primary for up to 6 weeks. Have not had anything but success yet. I also use US05 with good results in this kit.

+1 jazzman, soon as it stops raining here in southern Il, I too will be-a-brewin’


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