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First Time Brewer

Hi All,

First time brewer, long time beer nerd.
I brewed a standard Pale Ale on April 10th. OG was 1.041. Latest SG reading is 1.022.
There is little if any activity in the primary. Should I wait another week for bottling?

thats a pretty high fg but as long as its been i doubt it will go down any further. was this all grain, what was your mash temp?

Extremly high fg for a pale ale. 1.010-1.015.

With what you have now you have 2.2% abv beer.

Try moving it somewhere warmer if possible. And then take your fermenter and lightly swirl it for a minute or so to get the yeast back into suspension. That might be enough to kick start the yeast to finish up.

Based on being a 1st time brewer, I going to assume this is an extract beer. And that you did a partial boil with topping up the fermenter with water.

  1. It’s probable that you didn’t get the wort and top up water mixed well enough before taking your hydrometer sample. So your OG may be a little low. As time passed the the yeast generated some heat everything mixed just fine.

  2. My extract brews all finished high. 1.018-1.024. 11 days it’s likely to be finish. It would not hurt the beer any to raise the temp and swirl it a little like mplsbrewer mentioned.

Give it another week. Then bottle.

Fill one soda bottle with your beer. Squeeze the air out and cap it. As CO2 is produced the bottle will expand. Then you won’t be wondering what is happening in the glass bottles.

What kit is it?

^Those are all good points. Especially the mixing one. I just helped a friend brew some extract kits and while I was putting stuff away he came up and told me the gravity was somewhere in the 1.040ish range. Long story short, we aerated it for a bunch with our drill bit attachment and took another reading and it was up to 1.052.

Thanks everyone.

It is an extract kit from a local shop.

I will swirl it around and replace it for another week.


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