First Time Brew with Northern Set

I just attempted my first batch with a Northern Brewer Pliny the Elder starter kit. It seems very sediment-y as I let it ferment. Not sure if that’s ok or just too much of the trob from the siphon. Did I not boil at a high enough temp? Thanks for any words of wisdom.

Also - I am fairly positive the set had the wrong hops provided and some with wrong amounts. Not a big deal most likely.


Congrats on your first brew! All will be fine. Let the fermentation happen. I usually let it go for 3 weeks and that typically completes the ferment and allows the crud to settle to the bottom. When you siphon out of the fermentation vessel and into your bottling bucket, keep the siphon above the layer of sediment in the fermenting vessel. That will leave all of that crud behind and give you nice clear beer.

Thanks dude! It looks like it’s fermenting nicely as we speak. Only on day two right now, tough to not keep looking at it. Anything else to know or do during this period? Other than wait?

Yeah… be patient! Let the beer do its thing and don’t go by a calendar. This is probably the hardest thing you have to learn as a new brewer buts its very important.