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First time 1968 ESB yeast with stout, FG 1.029

Hi All,
I tried a new yeast for my stout this year, 1968 London ESB.
after making a 3 gal batch of porter as a starter (and that fermented out nice), I used the slurry for my stout.

just check FG after 12 days and it’s only 1.029 (goal 1.020).
I usually brew with 05/ 1056 and get great results, haven’t had this issue for awhile.

Oatmeal Maple stout, OG 1.063.
I tried to keep the beer at high 60*'s but we’ve had record cold here in Minnesota.
it’s been at mid 60*'s at best for 12 days.

Question… first of all should I even worry?
or stir it up and try to get it warmer?


I’d say rouse the yeast and warm it up. I’ve taken to warming my beers with 1968 up to 70 or so after a week and it’s helped them finish.

+1…rouse the yeasties.
I use 1968 often for barleywines as well as strong stout porters and generally finish around 1.012-015 (pretty much what I’m shooting for) with no problem.
I rouse it almost daily, avoid worry, and it always gets the job done.

Thanks for tips!

I gave it a good stir and moved to warmer spot.

Keep in mind that oatmeal has a lot of soluble fiber and this contributes to the FG without there being residual sweetness. My last oatmeal stout finished in the low twenties and it was nice and dry, yet thick and rich from the oats and bit of rye I used. I bet your beer is nearly done. I haven’t had a lto fo luck rousing a British yeast anyway.

one week later, after a good rouse and some warmer temps,

FG to 1.022 (last week 1.029)

total 3 weeks fermentation.

I think it’s done.

tastes great!

thanks for all the advise!

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