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First reading

Hey everyone

Im a newbie at this and started my first batch of Hank’s Hefeweizen back on 5/17. Today I went to check the gravity for the first time after fermenting and I want to check with you guys if you think this is normal. Back on 5/17 when I checked it before I put into fermenter it was at 1.09 or 1.10 which I thought was pretty high

I checked today and I got 1.01 or 1.012 to be more exact. If I do the formula for checking the ABV it comes out to 10% ? This is pretty high dont you think? Did I really mess this one up?

Thanks for the help


My assumption is that you’re talking about the extract version? (and that I googled the correct kit)

If so, it looks like the original reading was pooched. The OG should have come in at 1.052. The most common reason for wacky OG readings in extract kits is incompletely stirred top-off water. (It’s called stratification) This has no impact on the finished product other than screwing-up the ABV calculations. You can pretty much assume you hit the OG and go with 1.052 as your start.

The FG reading seems believable for an extract, but make sure it’s stable over a few days.

What I did was add the wart to the bucket with 2 gallons of water already in it. Then went back and forth with the pot and bucket to stir it up. Can I get stratification by that process?

Most certainly. I took Denny’s advice a few months back and got a mix-stir (stirring device that fit in a standard drill). Works great for mixing and aeration and easy on the back.

But like Jmck said, if it is an extract kit and you followed instructions and had good measurements, then your OG is 1.052.

Welcome to the addiction we call homebrewing!


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