First preprobition lager

Any helpful hints on my first batch? This is not my first all grain. My concerns are the temp resting and the saach.

You’ll need to give more specific info. Temp resting, you mean lagering,(aging)? Saach, conversion during mashing? Just a few more details and you’ll git some answers Sneezles61

Sounds like you are going to do a step mash or decoction mash. What type of tun do you have?

My advice is to either brew Jamil’s or Your Father’s Moustache. Awesome beers.

I would opt for flaked maize as opposed to a cereal mash, though I’ve never done one.

I agree with the flaked maize. I would do a step mash of 145° for 45 mins and 156° for 30 mins.

I use a cooler with . I have a pot with water of temp that I need and a pitcher.

I bought an allgrain kit from NB that is their prepro and I am going to use their directions. It is the first beer of the season for me I am using a wyeast pilsner yeast. My concerns are the temps that are on the directions. I have a cooler for my tun.

I would skip the protein rest or only do it for 5-10 mins. Are you concerned about raising the temps? Since you’re using a cooler mash thicker, like 1:1, and then add enough boiling water to get to 170°.

Is 120 degrees the magic #? What about adding a can of corn to the boil?

Just looked at the recipe. Are you using six-row? If so you can do a short protein rest. I would shoot for 127°-128° for about 15 minutes.

Why would you want to add corn to the boil? One reason we boil is to drive off DMS. DMS provides a creamed corn flavor to the finished beer. Six-row contains more SMM (precursor to DMS) so I would think you would want to avoid adding corn to the boil.

don’t add corn to the boil.

Can you call it pre prohibition ale without 6 row?

I was going to do this beer a few years ago. Was intimidated by the resting. I read somewhere, that corn would help with the sugars and the color. The corn that I saw was in the resting.

I am not sure how the kit is or what it looks like. it will be here soon. Thanks for the input to all.

I’ve made this kit several times. It’s always turned out good. Enjoy.