First post

for my first post i have a question. I have a crapload of hops and need some ideas on what to with them. i would like to do a pale ale and ipa. mainly just looking for some good hop combinations and boil times. heres what i got.

3oz Cascade, 2oz colombus, 3oz centennial, 4oz citra, 2oz galaxy, 2oz amarillo, 2oz nelson sauvin, 1oz simcoe, 1oz super alpha, 1oz pacific jade.

have at it boys. Thanks.

Looks like the Super Alpha should only be used as a bittering hop.

All the others would be good for late additions. But also fine for bittering.

I would go with a high AA hop for bittering and a single hop (1oz) at 15-20 and again at flame out.

I would agree. With those hops the possiblities are endless. That is one crapload of hops!

Those all look like they work together. Whatever you do I would recommend keeping it simple. Pick two or three and use them. That way you could try and better pinpoint what you’re tasting.

Random Idea without any numbers. I love galaxy at 15 with some citrus behind it.
Basic Pale Ale around 1.055
60 1/2 ounce cascade
15 1 ounce galaxy
5 1 ounce of cascade/citra/amarillo/centennial
flameout .5 cascade
Dryhopped with galaxy and whatever you choose for your 5 minute addition.

IME all the “C’s” go well together for IPA’s. With everything you have there you could do a hop bursted IPA.

crapload? I have 132 ounces…

cascade and simcoe go together …
cascade and amarillo go together…
simcoe and amarillo go together…

centennial smash beer?
cascade smash?

You have a nice little collection of mostly armoa/flavor hops. I agree with the advice above to keep it simple. To prevent making hop soup, I would not use any more than 3 late addition hops in a recipe. I like to be able to identify the components in the final product. If you add too many, it could still be quite nice but it can be hard to appreciate the contribution of the various components. I would also avoid using similar hops in the same recipe. So I would avoid Amarillo and Galaxy together. Citra is a very nice supporting hop IMO and should blend well.

If you want to do something a little different, you can make a hoppy wheat (PA or IPA). One of my favorites in my rotation is a “white IPA” brewed with 9 oz of hops (Magnum for bittering, Cascade, Citra and Willamette). Happy to post the recipe if you want. You could use the super alpha for bittering. You don’t have a true replacement for Willamette, but Colombus or Simcoe would be an interesting replacement.

This hop collection is also screaming out for a South Pacific pale ale.