First partial mash

Brewed the buffalo sweat clone and all went well…OG was only a point off. Had a question about the mash…recipe said to heat to 168 before putting grain in…and letting it stabilize within1-2 degrees of156…which I did. I preheated the oven to 170 and turned it off right when I stuck my kettle in there. After the hour was up the temp was only 144…so I need to rethink my method…but…big deal?

No big deal at all, it will turn out great.

I do my partial mash in a 5 gallon drinks cooler I got from from wally world for around $20. I put the grain in a fine mesh bag. Works perfect. Never lose more than a degree or two.


Probably not a big deal IME. My MO is similar to yours for partial mashes. I usually dough in ~160F and mash in the low 150’s. However, I leave the oven at 170F for a couple of minutes after I put the pot in the oven due to the temp loss by opening the door. It’s usually no more than 1-2 degree drop by the end of 60 minutes.

Thanks for the tips…I’m gonna leave the oven on for a little longer :slight_smile:

Another question…are the brewmaster filter bags reusable? I got most of my grain out and then let it dry so I can shake out the rest of it…

Are you talking about a mesh bag? Yes. I’ve been using the same mesh bags for BIAB for many years. They get stained but they still work great. Some materials are better than others. The best one I have was made way back in the 1990s, good strong material. I don’t know if they make them quite like that anymore.