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First Mead- this plan okay?

Going to make my first mead, and thought it would be wise to get some input and also have some questions. Thanks in advance.

Recipe: 14 gallons of OB honey into 4G of water.
- this should give me a must of around 5.25 gallons and SG of around 1.1, right?
-Is distilled water okay (or even preferable) to use?
-Havent decided on a yeast yet, so I’m open to suggestions as to what is a good one to use.

  1. Mix everything together well, aerate, and add some yeast nutrient. Pitch yeast. Add additional nutrient and aerate for the first two days of fermentation.
  2. Rack to 5G carboy after fermentation is complete (or just after two months or so). Age another few months until clear.
  3. Bottle 2G of dry mead. Rack the remaining 3G into a 3G carboy. Stabilize.
    -How much Pot met and pot. sorbate do I need to add in order to stabilize?
  4. Backsweeten remaining 3G
    -Any general rule of thumb as to how much honey I should use to backsweeten to a semi-sweet level?
  5. Wait another few weeks to make sure fermentation doesnt kick back off and mead is clear.
  6. Bottle remaining 3G
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