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First mead - gravity question

I made my first mead on 12/26 (OG 1.111), and I just took a sample, and it’s 1.050. Fermentation might still be going, but extremely slowly (at least, that’s what the airlock is showing me).

I pitched two Lalvin 71B-1122 (one pkg just expired) and one Lalvin D-47. It’s been fermenting at 60-62F the entire time, and I added yeast nutrient & energizer on “brew day” and each day for three days.

I’m planning on racking it onto two cans of blackberry puree when it’s ready (i.e. primary fermentation complete).

So I guess my question is…

Am I on the right track? Am I worrying over nothing? Should I just RDWHAHB…?

Thanks for any advice!

The yeast you used should be able to get you down to the 1.01 range, so your fermentation isn’t done. It looks like you pitched plenty of yeast and the temp seems good. You could give it another month and check again, or move it to a warmer room.

I left my last mead in primary for 5 months before the gravity got down to where it needed to be. Making mead seems to require more patience than making ale, where I could be drinking something within six weeks of brew day.

Well, two months later, and it’s down to 1.040 and starting to clear… I’m thinking on racking it onto the 6lb of blackberry puree so if anything, fermentation would kick-start again.



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