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First lager

Ok so I finally got a working chest freezer. My upright fridge is now empty. I set it to the warmest setting and the temp is 46 degrees. This should work for lagers right? Its 2 degrees colder then the yeast strains I looked at using but I think it should be fine right? I would like to do a Oktoberfest and a Munich Helles. Never having a MH it sounds like a beer I would enjoy a lot. I would like to grow up a big pitch for both in my 5 gallon carboy and I wasn’t sure how to do this. I use the Mr. Malty pitching rate calculator and listened to The can you brew it shows on Munich Helles and a few others the other day and on there Jamil mentioned it. I think I have an idea of how to do it I’m just not positive and would like some more in depth steps. The yeast I have looked at are Wyeast 2007(pils) or 2633 (oktoberfest) I’m leaning towards 2633. The Munich helles recipe I put together is a OG of 1.047 I have not yet done the Oktoberfest but will most likely have it right around 1.054 As far as procedure goes I was just going to grow the yeast up in the fridge and then decant it using a racking cane. Transfer the slurry to another glass container so I can fit both full carboys and the yeast in the fridge. Once it reaches temp pitch the yeast. Jamil was saying taste your lagers if you don’t taste diacetyl then don’t do a rest. Being my first attempt I planned on playing it safe and ferment in the fridge then after…10-14 days? Take it out and let it reach ambient temps over two days (my basement is only 62) Then rack to my kegs and lager in the keezer for about a month. Insight on the overall process and yeast growing please.

I think the 46F would work. If not then buy a controller.

I’d maybe let the beer ferment up to three weeks before running the diacetyl rest. You want it to be past 75% to full attenuation. Not real sure you’d be that far along at 46F and two weeks.

For a quick, large starter, just make a 3-gal batch of 1.035 wort (no hops, add yeast nutrient), cool to <80F, aerate, then pitch one vial/smackpack of yeast. Let it ferment at room temp (68-80F), swirling every day to keep the yeast suspended, and it’ll finish in 3-4 days tops (you’re making yeast, not beer). Put the fermenter at 30-35F for a couple of days to drop the yeast, decant the “beer”, and split the cake between the two fermenters of lager wort.

Sounds like a plan you guys thanks.

shadetree I followed those directions and got a large yeast cake which is fermenting both the Helles and Oktoberfest. Just a follow up. Can’t wait till they are done.

Man, that’s a lot of DME, but a good idea for huge lager starters.

[quote=“Beersk”][quote=“Shadetree”]For a quick, large starter, just make a 3-gal batch of 1.035 wort…[/quote]Man, that’s a lot of DME, but a good idea for huge lager starters.[/quote]No way I would do this with DME - second runnings from the mashtun or a quick no-sparge MIAB is the way to go.

I brewed a 1gal AG batch of beer just to grow up lager yeast, I went ahead and added some hops and fermented in a swamp cooler and the beer turned out pretty good for being just a means to an end. I bumped that yeast to a 3gal batch thats in the ferm chamber right now. Next stop, 5gal of Ofest.

So I’m lagering a month in today. My original plan was to jump it from the lager kegs to a clean one. They are in a spare fridge and have to be moved to my chest freezer. If I just move them carefully will they settle out and pour clear in a week? I can’t imagine there being that much more sediment then a ale that’s been in my fridge for a month and I have definitely moved one of those with just a cloudy burst from the next pour.

I went from D rest to keg to lager chamber.

You will be fine. Sometimes I transfer to a new keg after lagering (transfer by CO2 from the out post to the receiving keg out post) for serving, if I want to ensure brilliant clarity, but mostly I just move th.e lagering keg carefully and have been totally pleased with the pour - maybe a pint or so with sediment, but often even less!


I just carefully moved. I unfortunately only got two pints before I ran out of C02 and my store hasn’t gotten anymore yet. Those pints tasted great but had little floaties in them that even in the pint didn’t seem to settle out. Hopefully another week cold settles it out.

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