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First lager...slow start

Finally made my first lager and its starting pretty slow. I did a double 1300ml starter and its currently fermenting at 52 degrees. Do lagers normally run slow due to the lower temp?

My experience is yes…

Yep, they are low n’ slow.

What is a “double” 1300ml starter (2 packs/vials?), and what was your batch size/gravity?

Also what yeast please.

Wl830 German lager. 1.050 OG. 5 gallon. 1 vial started in 1300ml and then decanted and another 1300 ml of wort added.

Ah, gotcha. I’ve always heard them called ‘stepped up’ starters, but double is probably used as well.

You seem to have enough yeast. Check gravity in 2 weeks and I bet its dropped a bit…my first lager I was as worried as my first batch for the same reason as you, but it turned out great :cheers:

Cool, thanks. How long and at what temp should I lager that for? Do I just start lagering when I reach FG?

Typically, I would say at least 3 weeks in the fermenter. I would consider raising the temp by a few degrees per day around 14 days after pitching to clean up diacetyl, acetaldehyde, and to keep the yeast active. This probably isn’t entirely necessary, but it can’t hurt.

Then, yes, drop to your lagering temp and remove yeast (or remove beer from yeast). Lagering is also a matter of debate - 4 weeks minimum, 6 weeks better, some say don’t even do it unless its 8 weeks.

The stronger/healthier the ferment, the less you need to lager IME.

I don’t know, I have an Oktoberfest and a Bavarian Helles that I brewed back in March and both have been lagering since early May. They are for a big community party in a couple weeks and each time I sample them (quality control only :wink: ) they get better and better. Might be something to this long lagering process.

You’re sure its not just because you’re dying to drink one? That can certainly enhance flavor perception!

You’re sure its not just because you’re dying to drink one? That can certainly enhance flavor perception![/quote]

That could be, but this is the longest I have waited and lagered any brews. I took some to my next door neighbor the other night for a final “are we sure this is good enough for a true Oktoberfest Party” verification. They are just really good. He pulled out a few commercial O’fest beers and these held their own.

So u are telling me I should do my maibock now!?

Ideal lager time = time to empty keg + one week.

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