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First Lager of the Year

Hey there guys , Im gonna brew a dos equis clone this weekend . This has been planned for a while now, even made my way up to Memphis for vacation and brought back water from there. My question is … using wyeast 2007 and fermenting @ 48 degrees do I need a starter . I been researching this and I get both sides , some say yes some say no… OG will (should be) around 1048-1050.

Unless you are using dry yeast, which you aren’t, ALL lagers involving liquid yeast need a starter. A few exceptions with harvested yeast, etc.

Unless you’re doing a one gal. batch, your lager will be immensely better with a starter. See to calculate how big it needs to be, but I’d guess about a gal.

Yea I did that already Benny, Is it best to cold crash the starter ,decant, and then pitch? I only have a 1000ml flask but ill but use a 1 gal carboy , I usually can get the magnet to spin ok using that.

I use a gal. glass jug that apple juice came in. For a lager, I’ll start with 3 qt., let it ferment out, crash and decant. Then give it another 2 qt. and let that ferment out, crash, decant, pitch.

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